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BION Genetic Laboratory’s Solid Tumor Molecular Profile targets 170 cancer-related genes carefully selected to provide comprehensive and efficient analysis of therapeutically relevant alterations as well as those being studied in current and upcoming clinical trials. Our expert curation team creates each report considering the mutational status of all tested genes, resulting in a personalized profile including recommendations for approved therapies, counter-indicated therapies, off-label options, and active trials. With this powerful tool in hand, patients and care teams are armed with the best information possible to navigate the increasingly complex battle against cancer.

Simultaneous analysis of DNA and RNA

RNA allows for optimal detection of fusion genes

Competitive Detection of a broad range of variant types

SNVs, Amplifications, Gene Fusions

Germline Mutation Testing Available

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Sample Type

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Unstained Slides

10 Unstained Slides
Option B

Unstained Fixed Tissue

1 FFPE Tumor Block

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