Precision medicine is a way health care providers can offer and plan specific care for their patients, based on the particular genes, proteins, and other substances in a person’s body. This approach is also sometimes called personalized medicine or personalized care.

With regard to cancer, precision medicine most often means looking at how changes in certain genes or proteins in a person’s cancer cells might affect their care, such as their treatment options. But it can have other uses same predict risk of recurrence (ROR) specially in breast cancer.

Precision medicine is being used for certain cancers to help know what tests and treatment are best. Doctors might use precision medicine to help them:

  • Identify people who might be at high risk for cancer, and help
  • these people lower their risk
  • Find certain cancers early
  • Diagnose a specific type of cancer correctly
  • Choose which cancer treatment options are best
  • Evaluate how well a treatment is working

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